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With all companies looking for new and exciting ways to create product or company awareness and/or generate increased sales, it is getting harder to find new ways that actually make a substantial impression with the general public.

Trialstar offers a unique way of making a lasting impression on customers for any company or product, new or old.

By running a display at a chosen venue either on at the company or at a chosen site that will make the most impact to the public for the product.

i.e. Product to be advertised – Breakfast Cereal.
The ideal location for the best result would be at a shopping centre!

Therefore advertising to a large crowd of potential customers on their way to shops that sell the product!

No matter what the company or product is, our riders can add a huge visual draw to the necessary product or name by incorporating it in our display, or by simply drawing crowds over to see what is going on while sales reps sell the product!

We also offer your company the chance to advertise the company or product name on our riders clothing to maximise full visual impact. This works very well and leaves the public or customer with no question as to what they are there to see.

If your company has never tried us then give us a call and ask about how we can help you!