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TRIALSTAR - Why not? Anything is possible!
If you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely or simply improve on existing skills this course is for you.

That’s right, male or female and for anyone 6yrs and over, we offer the chance for you to come along and try out motorcycle trials.

We cater for everyone interested at every level, from the total beginner (and remember, everyone has to start somewhere),
to the more advanced.

With our coaches wealth of experience and knowledge you can be sure that you are in expert hands to start or even advance your riding skills in the safest way. We guarantee you will have a great time learning while having fun regardless of your ability.

We want everyone to be able to try it and see for him or herself just how much fun it really is. Trialstar have put together this fantastic opportunity for all to come along and give trials a go, without the expense of having to buy a bike, riding gear and then transporting it all to a suitable location.

The day starts at the classroom with a brief Question and Answer session and then everyone gets familiarised with the bikes, the riding gear and how with a little training trials can be pure enjoyment. After ensuring everyone’s satisfaction the real fun begins, learning how to ride a trials bike.

Trialstar staff will monitor and record individual progress assessing each lesson and in turn certificates will be awarded from bronze through to gold as you attain the required level of skills.

This system has been developed to ensure you receive advice both on and off the motorcycle, which will help to send you on your way to being a future TRIALSTAR!