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What is Motorcycle Trials?
In short, it is maximum off-road fun at an affordable cost. The objective is to ride over rough terrain without putting your foot and or feet on the ground and in so doing you lose penalty marks. The winner of a trial is the person who loses the least number of marks, which is known in trials lingo as going “clean”. A typical trials course usually consists of ten sections, lapped four times with each competitor being allocated four hours to complete the course. The approximate length of a single lap is two miles.

Dave Rodgers and Andy Perry, each having a wealth of experience in many differing fields, manage the company. Dave still competes regularly and is a former expert rider who now specialises in the organisation and promotion of International events. Andy is a current expert rider with four Irish titles to his name. He is a true entertainer who can mix top results with the best display of Trials riding in Ireland.

Both work well together, Dave taking the role of minder when Andy competes at International events and carry this working relationship into the training and coaching of novice and expert riders.

Why was TRIALSTAR formed?
TRIALSTAR was formed to offer the public a facility to give trials riding a go, under expert guidance from expert riders and also to create an awareness of an extreme sport achieved under 10mph!

Why do we need TRIALSTAR?
The answer is simple - trials riding is the best-kept secret in the Motorcycling World.

What can TRIALSTAR offer me?
We have something for everyone, whether you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, entertain your friends and work colleagues or planning that company open day. TRIALSTAR is a versatile company that will help you decide which (off) road to go down.

Can anyone become a TRIALSTAR?
Of course it is possible, but the end product is not necessarily the best part, climbing the mountain is more satisfying than someone lifting you onto the summit by helicopter. The good news is we can all sit or rather stand up on a trials bike and try climbing that mountain, a select few may do both, but either way everyone
has a chance of becoming TRIALSTAR.